Dr. Cannom: 'Go To Guy' for Athletes Dr. Cannom
Dr. Cannom: "Go To Guy" for Athletes, Front Page Story of the Wall Street Journal

Dr. David Cannom has earned a reputation as the "go-to physician for players wanting to stay in the game." According to the July 25, 2006, Wall Street Journal article, Cannom believes athletes with heart irregularities face little risk of sudden death and that the use of defibrillators allows athletes with some heart conditions to safely compete in big-time athletics, including the college and professional ranks.

Dr. Cannom is a renegade among his peers because of his willingness to let athletes with heart disease play. Evaluation should be completed on an individual basis. "A lot of this is trying to be a patient advocate," he says. Automatic bans are an easy out for doctors, he says: "When saying no, you're never wrong." His expertise stems from the 40 years of specializing in electrophysiology, serving on the medical advisory board of Guidant Corporation, and implanting approximately 4,000 devices between him and his partners.

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July 25, 2006; Page A1

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