Arterial Evaluation - Legs or Arms
This exam is an ultrasound of the leg or arm arteries. The exam is usually done due to a complaint of cramping, tiredness, soreness, or numbness of the calf. However, this could apply to any part of the leg or arm. It may also be done because your doctor has found a weak pulse in your foot. This exam will assess the movement of the blood through your arteries and the artery walls to your feet or hands. We can see any narrowing of the artery which may cause any or all of the symptoms described. This exam is painless and requires no preparation. No special clothing or shoes are required.

TIME ALLOTTED: Plan on one hour.

PROCEDURE: You will be asked to disrobe, including undergarments, and be given a gown to wear. Ultrasonic gel will be applied to the appropriate areas and ultrasound pictures will be obtained. Blood pressures will be taken of your arms and ankles. You may be asked to exercise minimally and blood pressures will again be taken.
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Arterial Evaluation - Legs or Arms Arterial Evaluation - Legs or Arms
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Legs or Arms
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